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"The Turds" collectable figures

The Turds was a somewhat unique collectable range I worked on for Pacemaker UK.

For most of these, apart from the first few, I was also responsible with coming up for the design based on the 'poo' based pun for the name. I was also responsible for making the range more vibrant, adding props and more interaction with the base rather than just standing on it. In all I created 30+ figures and designs for the range
I also reinvented the packaging design as well as doing a lot of the product approvals and liaising with the factory trying to get the finished pieces just right.

I designed and sewed three 'Pooppets' as part of a proposed series of viral videos using puppets to interact with people. I even came up with a brief film outline for a 'buddy movie' using puppets.

Other products I produced concept work for under this brand included stationary, alarm clocks, bedding, t-shirts, bags and even novelty loo roll.

Caitlin ashford bravefart
Caitlin ashford harry plopper
Caitlin ashford incredible dump
Caitlin ashford invisible pan
Caitlin ashford rim trek
Caitlin ashford shitty nickers
Caitlin ashford stormpooper
Caitlin ashford turdinator poo
Caitlin ashford 4178099 orig
Caitlin ashford 818995 orig