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Chicken Run

Bunty under Fence - This was a virtual sculpt using Freeform. The final product was for Boots.
Bunty Cereal toy - This needed to be sculpted to a specific size due to the flow wrap machine needed to wrap the toys. it also needed to use a specific volume of wax because each toy could only use so much plastic.
Bunty Radio - On this piece it was a team effort as I took over the head section (from the feather collar up) when the previous sculptor was used on another project. Nature of the sculpting as part of big team, sometimes you have to finish jobs from others.
Rat Radio - On this piece I sculpted Nick the Rat and the Base

Caitlin ashford chicken run bunty vs
Caitlin ashford file06e5
Caitlin ashford 4480585 orig
Caitlin ashford chicken run bunty radio 2