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Into the Whoniverse - 1st Doctor

I decided to create a range of sculpts which could be made as PVC statues (using the same part per colour technique as the Disney INfinity figures)
As I'm a huge Doctor Who Fan I wanted to sculpt all of the doctors and as many of the villans and monsters as I can, with an eye to eventually have them produced if I can get someone to pick them up.

So here is my 1st Doctor (played by William Hartnell)
I've been trying to go for a 'feel' of the character rather than a specific likeness or caricature.

I actually have some of these for sale if you're interested -

Caitlin ashford 1st doctor colour

Final Keyshot render

Caitlin ashford 1st doctor bw

Render in Black and white. the colours were all replaced not just dropped to B&W in photoshop...that would have been too easy :)

Caitlin ashford 1st doctor turn

Turn Around

Caitlin ashford 1st doctor zbrush

Zbrush without polypaint

Caitlin ashford 1st doctor resin

3d Printed and cast in resin
Form2 Printed