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During my Time working for Synapse Creative I was involved in quite a few Simpson's products.
More than are shown here.
At the time of sculpting them we were not allowed to take photos of what we working on so most of these images come from locating the actual products. The exception being the Bart Figurine which was sculpted for Footprints. This is actually a resin from the original moulds which was made for an exhibition of previous students work at the University I attended. I altered the base for this to Bart standing on a curb as the original was a little too plain for me..
I also sculpted the Bart figure from the Footprints couch gag (not pictured) as well as various other prduct including a Homer cheese grater and car floor mats.

Caitlin ashford 361406 orig
Caitlin ashford f89d4284cb872723b867733dcc462704 300x300

This was digitally sculpted