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Disney Infinity Fanart - Star Wars

There were so many amazing verisons of Star Wars characters made for Disney infinity its a huge shame they weren't all made as figures, so I wanted to try and recreate them as figures.
I studied the ingame characters really closely in order to remake them as figures.

The K2SO is a recreation of the actual figure than never made it to production

Caitlin ashford gg

General Grevious (or Chesty McWheezypants as I like to call him)

Caitlin ashford 3por2

C3PO and R2D2

Caitlin ashford stormtrooper


Caitlin ashford battledroid

Battle Droid

Caitlin ashford sbd

Super Battle Droid

Caitlin ashford droideka


Caitlin ashford magnaguard


Caitlin ashford k2so