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Into the Whoniverse - 3rd Doctor

I decided to create a range of sculpts which could be made as PVC statues (using the same part per colour technique as the Disney INfinity figures)
As I'm a huge Doctor Who Fan I wanted to sculpt all of the doctors and as many of the villans and monsters as I can, with an eye to eventually have them produced if I can get someone to pick them up.

So here is my 3rd Doctor (played by Jon Pertwee)
I've been trying to go for a 'feel' of the character rather than a specific likeness or caricature

Caitlin ashford 3rd doctor cape

Classic version with cape

Caitlin ashford 3rd doctor turn

Classic version without cape turn

Caitlin ashford 3rd doctor colours

Colour variants for other outfits

Caitlin ashford screenshot 2019 05 20 caitlin ashford on x decided to have a non gremlin day so i finished up the 3rd doctor zbru

Got round to printing and painting this Doctor...I really like this one