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My Little Pony x Ghostbusters Plasmane and Holtzmane

When Hasbro Announced they were going to do a My Little Pony x Ghostbusters mashup figure I was excited.
Then I saw it was going to be a SDCC exclusive....and also a G1 Pony :/
Pah no time for that.
So I had to Do a version that I wanted to see a MLP:FIM G4 pony.
The designs in G4 are so much more characterful and dynamic.

So heres my take on the Plasmane Ghostbusters Pony.
I still need to do a version with either a clip on or plug in Proton pack.

And of course I love the 2016 Female ghostbusters too so I also made a Holtzmane :D

Now that Afterlife has been released I suppose I should add to these with a Phobe Pony too