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Ghostbusters (1984) Animated Gozer

I've been working on a whole range of figurine designs In an animated type style with the idea that they would be produced as a vinyl figure with minimal paint applications.

The Gozer piece is still being added to to give a rolling mist effect to the base

When I print this out I want to add a glowing effect in the base

Caitlin ashford gb1 gozer
Caitlin ashford gozerrender4
Caitlin ashford goz

Working on the base to make this a bit more dynamic

Caitlin ashford gozerpose4

original base idea

Caitlin ashford gb1 gozer tpose
Caitlin ashford gozer1
Caitlin ashford img 20180625 182002

15" gozer made for the Toy Think tank artshow.
Currently up for sale -