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Ghostbusters (2016) Animated Slimer

Participant of CGTrader Awards 2017 -

My version of the new Slimer from the New Ghostbusters which I have finally seen and I loved it.

All of my pieces are under constant tweaking and revisions I just want to keep trying new things and styles with them until I get what I consider to be a perfect version.

Caitlin ashford gb3 slimer
Caitlin ashford slimerposed
Caitlin ashford slimer painted

rough prototype

Caitlin ashford slimerturn
Caitlin ashford slimerrender1 copy
Caitlin ashford slimer4
Caitlin ashford slimer3
Caitlin ashford img 20180625 182453

Larger 15" Slimer made for the Toy Think Tank Artshow. Currently onsale if you want to buy him -