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Infinity Elvira

Based on Serge Birault's artwork -

I sculpted this as part of Shane Olson's 3D Character workshop course (which I can't recommend enough) -

I took this from Serge's original concept art, through sculpting in zbrush and finally to 3D priinting.
I still need to take her through the lowpoly game ready character process, which I'll update here once that has been completed.

Caitlin ashford elvira render test2b
Caitlin ashford finturn1

Turn Around

Caitlin ashford wp 20180102 22 52 12 pro

3D printed parts printed on Form2

Caitlin ashford elvira model

Final Painted resin

Caitlin ashford instaelvira

Oh hey I made an 18" version for an art show!